In a fast changing, complex environment, leaders are navigating their way through unchartered waters. Our commitment is to help you strengthen your agility and adaptability to lead well through times of great uncertainty.
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About Anchor


"At the heart of our work is the simple recognition of the importance of human behaviour in determining business performance."

Anchor Partners is a small firm of highly experienced independent practitioners. We support senior leaders who recognise that, to improve the overall performance of their organisations, they need to improve the effectiveness of their boards and top teams. more »

Your Focus

We have developed a framework and specific programmes to meet the needs of three different client types: individual leaders, leadership teams and boards of directors.

All our work shares one key characteristic. We are passionate about the advantages of integrating learning and action. So, our interventions offer space for exploration and reflection but also involve us working alongside our clients in real time on real challenges as leaders and their teams guide themselves and their organisations through demanding change.

Our work draws on an in-depth and on-going review of the theory and practice of leadership and team effectiveness. more »