"The real voyage of discovery lies not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes."

Marcel Proust

Case Studies

Here are some examples of what we do and with whom we have worked.

  • Global Finance Group
    Over a 12 month period, worked with a small global team of Finance thought-leaders. Facilitated a Foresight process (C.K. Prahalad – ‘The Core Competence of Organisations’) to enable the team to envision what the Finance function might need to be like 10 years out. This process helped to set the direction for the function both in terms of business processes and career development interventions required to build capability within the Finance community across the globe.
  • International Electronics Merger
    Helped the leadership team adopt a very different approach to the merger integration of another international electronics company. The team embarked on an intimate face to face conversation with their people on the future of the new organisation in a series of workshops for groups of 80 -90, generating a level of commitment and sharpness of implementation planning that they had not achieved in any of their previous merger efforts.
  • FTSE 100 International FCMG Company
    Worked closely with the Executive Directors of two newly-established global divisions to gain the buy-in of their recently appointed management teams and to implement a communications strategy in support of the group’s new operating framework.
  • IT Services Company
    Coached the second tier of the leadership community of a financial services IT company, helping them significantly to widen their circle of influence in a system that undermined their confidence and freedom to act. One coachee described the intervention as “hugely valuable” and another as “the best personal development he had ever received”.
  • UK Divisional Business Services Team
    Designed and facilitated a two day kick-off event for a new operational management team. The aim was to establish a firm foundation from which they could become a high performing team making a significant contribution to operational effectiveness and to demonstrate, in very real and practical ways, their leadership capability.
  • Global Telecoms Company
    Part of a wide-ranging programme geared to helping the organisation become more agile and flexible. Our contribution was to support six pilot teams – some standing teams, some project teams, some virtual communities  - to become more collaborative in the interests of improved performance. As well as securing good results for the pilot teams, the intervention produced a  methodology  for wider use and dissemination in the organisation.
  • International Private Equity Company
    Coached senior directors in different countries as part of an international leadership development programme. The objective was to help them to optimise their contribution to the global development of the group whilst building the presence and reputation of the business within their own countries.
  • Leading UK Institution of Further Education
    Coached the head of the institution and other senior faculty as they sought to develop a stronger and wider cadre of leaders to take the organisation through a period of significant change.