"The real voyage of discovery lies not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes."

Marcel Proust


Here is what some of our clients have said about us:

"I worked with Anchor Partners on a complex nine month project to increase the engagement and effectiveness of the senior management team at a time of major internal and external change. The approach that Anchor adopted was powerful and very successful. Although the programme was sponsored by the CEO, from the outset Alison Hogan and Julian Powe from Anchor developed a high degree of trust and credibility with members of the senior management team by their open, inclusive approach and their rapid identification of the key issues and challenges, including the need for significant behaviour change.
Alison and Julian then worked with us to develop and implement a programme to catalyse change. Our ‘collective endeavour’ (as Anchor call it) included a senior team away day to tackle barriers to change, implementing feedback in senior team meetings to encourage greater honesty and openness and individual coaching for key individuals – all supported by Anchor.
Throughout, Alison and Julian combined knowledge and experience with a perceptiveness, insight and empathy that allowed them to get to the heart of the challenges which we faced and support us to tackle them. They were trusted and respected by everyone who worked with them. Their input was invaluable, greatly improving the effectiveness of the senior team and the organisation’s effectiveness and resilience in challenging times. We were so pleased with Anchor’s work that we subsequently used them on other projects."
HR Director, Energy Consultancy

“Following an excellent staff development programme in leadership, I worked with Alison over two or three years. Her coaching talents are unparalleled, and I learnt  much about leadership in complex organisations during a period of economic challenge. Specifically: her expertise as a listener, her suggestions for how to address difficult problems, her understanding and perception about people and how they operate –  these were just some of the insights I gained into leadership and management. As a result of working with Alison, I feel I am a better person as well as a better leader. I am enjoying my role as Dean in a higher education institution, and aspire to roles of greater responsibility in due course. The whole experience, from the initial staff development through to the completion of work with Alison, has been the best and most sustained professional development I have experienced.
Professor and Dean of Faculty

"I can not recommend Alison highly enough. Her wisdom, empathy and generosity prevented me resigning my role in despair. In just a few one-to-one meetings and telephone calls she helped me to identify a clear way forward for the board. Alison’s guidance gave me the confidence I needed to gently guide the trustees into working in a much more effective and energetic way.
Her suggestions are also helping me deal successfully with a hitherto tricky staff situation.
Thanks to Alison I am now enjoying the role of chair and I know that the trustees appreciate the renewed vigour and vision the board now has."
Chair of Trustees of a national charity

“Thank you for such a great contribution through this series of workshops with us. You have really made an impact - very professional, strong principles, reliable, fast and flexible in adapting to our situation/needs and totally devoted to us. Trust-worthy”
Global Leader of OD, Large Multi-national Organisation

"The leadership retreat was a profound experience; pleasurable, challenging and enjoyable in equal measure. A real sprit of openness with a good combination of physical comfort and mental discomfort! I have more ease with ambiguity and a new flexibility of approach as a result"

“Working with Alison on a one-to-one basis was a very rewarding and stretching experience for me. She helped me create space from a busy work schedule to be significantly more strategic and also pushed me to be bolder which I would not have done without her strong support and practical advice. It helped me empower my team more and also grow as an individual. I look forward with renewed confidence and greater awareness of what I can achieve.”
Head of Global Finance, global information company

"The coaching work with Sue was critical in helping me get a sense of control back. Through the Harthill report, she helped me to see myself in my leadership role, which then allowed me to create space for my thinking. I now feel that I am more effective in the action that I take"
Head of Strategy (Europe) – FMCG client