"The real voyage of discovery lies not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes."

Marcel Proust

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Baz Hartnell

Leadership Consultant

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“Having worked with many individual directors over the years as well as observed and developed the Boards and senior management teams of which they are a part, I have become ever more curious about the personal mind-set shifts which individuals need to embrace if they are to fully realise the potential in the complex and challenging space which Board and senior team working requires. In addition I have become more curious of the required cultural mind-set of Boards and senior teams that ensures the agility and potency to collectively lead the organisation well.”

Over the past 13 years Baz has worked across private, public and third sector organisations. Typical interventions include developing the robustness and capability of an NHS Board looking to undertake a significant turnaround in their organisational performance; working with a senior team to increase their collective capacity to work through contentious issues and make clearer and more robust decisions; undertaking of pairs coaching between a chair and Chief Executive to improve the efficacy of their relationship; and helping a group of newly promoted directors make the necessary mind-set shifts to move from being competent managers into system leaders.

Baz describes himself as a 'leadership consultant and coach'. As an experienced director himself, he is able to give individual leaders, Boards and senior management teams both the hard skills to understand the context in which they lead and the soft skills to increase their impact and effectiveness to be more successful. He has been a member of the national NHS register of executive coaches for the past twelve years, a register now overseen by the NHS Leadership Academy. Baz was one of only ten NHS Board development coaches used extensively by the NHS Institute of Innovation and Improvement to undertake Board development on their behalf. He is a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and an Affiliate of the Centre for Leadership Studies at the University of Exeter.

With Masters degrees in both executive coaching (an MSc awarded with merit) and business (an MBA awarded with distinction), Baz brings a practical and leadership development focus to his clients. He is qualified to administer various personal assessments and is qualified to BPS levels A, B and B+.

In his spare time Baz enjoys road cycling, travelling and landscape photography.