"You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. "

Steve Jobs

Anchor Supervision with Alison Hogan

Why Supervision?

In our roles as coach, mentor or advisor, we frequently work with our client alone or, occasionally in group work, with a colleague. We have a professional responsibility, therefore, to ourselves and our clients, to create the space and the time for reflection and sense-making. Supervision offers such a space which is safe, supported and confidential.

I offer both 1:1 and group supervision, working with people who are full-time coaches and those who have a mixed practice which may include, for example, coaching, leadership development and organisational change. 

What is important, and at the core of our supervisory relationship, is that you bring current issues that you want to explore; to get fresh insights, to heighten your awareness and deepen your resourcefulness.

I encourage four dimensions to our work:

  • We hold a curiosity, courage and commitment to work together at our developmental edge
  • We strengthen our resourcefulness to stay present, resilient and compassionate
  • We ensure that we meet the highest ethical standards and levels of professionalism
  • We enjoy work that is both challenging and fun

1:1 Supervision

1:1 supervision offers a focused, dedicated time for you to explore issues in depth and to broaden your repertoire, at your pace. One supervisee described how, from the outset, I was an ‘ally in her professional growth’. She has learned additional approaches and techniques ‘but they have always been very much in the context of my coaching work’. Another said that he developed greater awareness on different levels, ‘like opening up more senses; bringing blind spots into the light, and recognising my own biases and way of observing the world”.

Each session is typically for one and a half hours, face to face or virtually by Skype.

Group Supervision

Group supervision introduces different dynamics. The richness is in the experience of working with peers; building a shared container of safety, a learning environment where there are exciting possibilities for experiment and improvisation. There is space to focus on what is real and present for the group as individuals, as well as forging valuable and sometimes surprising connections within the group. 

Here is some feedback: “As a group, we really opened up and shared some deeper thinking. I felt very supported by everyone and had some insightful questions and options to consider.” Another said, “I left buzzing and excited for our continuing work together.”

Group Supervision is in programmes of five, three-hour sessions, face to face, for 6 to 8 participants.

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